Sharing Your Concerns We believe that personal attention and great customer service are key to your health and well-being Tailored to your needs Medication Kemachez Pharmacy offers a unique blend of traditional pharmacy services and natural and complementary health solutions.
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A Bold, Global Pharmaceutical Company

In Nigeria, Kemachez trades as Kemachez Pharmaceuticals. The commercial business is located in Imo State and manages two portfolios, namely Winners Modern Ultrasound Company, and Pharmaceuticals (wide range of products).

We nurture success by promoting collaboration, participation and trust between individuals and other healthcare organisations, within an environment of sharing and mutual respect.
We are committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct.
We are committed to being the best in what we do, and to achieving the best possible outcome for our patients.
Global Sourcing
To be recognised nationally and internationally as a leader in improving medication outcomes and pharmacy practice research and education.
To be the most trusted local provider of pharmaceutical care because we consistently provide a superior experience for prescribers, patients and caregivers through the use of best practices, across all settings: in-store, in-home, or within the personal care residence.
We will endeavor to achieve these goals through comprehensive evaluation of all medications for each patient, collaboration with members of the health-care team, education and training of pharmacists and other health care professionals and provision of drug information.
At Kemachez, we are aware of the publicity given to counterfeit medicines in Nigeria, and that is why we want to ensure your loved ones only use medication that are 100% genuine. We also aim to provide medicines to hospitals and health professionals who want to ensure their dispensaries are stock with genuine ethical drugs. We can also ensure that your medications are supplied within 96 hours of ordering depending on payment and availability of medicines.

Sharing Your Concerns

Regular supply of medications to those you care for

Kemachez is committed to the highest quality of patient care through the provision of pharmacy services that ensure safe, effective and rationale medication use.


Our pharmacists are registered health professionals who have been extensively trained on the art and science of medicines and possess a degree in Pharmacy.

Medication Therapy Management

MTM or Medication Therapy Management is medical care provided by pharmacists whose aim is to optimize drug therapy and improve therapeutic outcomes for patients.  

Assess & Prescribe for Minor Ailments

Have a minor ailment? Don't let it become a major problem. Our pharmacists can assess and prescribe for some minor ailments.

Medication Reviews

Medication Reviews assessments are carried out by our pharmacists dependent on the medication or conditions being treated.

Diabetes Care

Our pharmacy is uniquely positioned to deliver personalized care to a diverse patient base.